NCD Church Profile (Electronic version)


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The NCD Church Profile includes 30 surveys that are 90 questions each that are shipped to you for your convenience. With these, you will be surveying as many people as possible (up to a maximum of 30) to accurately find the areas that your church family is strong in, and those that have room for improvement. For the most accurate results select participants who:

  • each have some form of regular task in the church, AND
  • are each involved in some form of small group in the church, AND
  • each attend your church’s worship services

More about how the electronic version of the NCD Church Profile works, go to the FAQs and look for the section Electronic Surveys. Once your purchase is completed, follow

For deeper and more extensive detail on the results of your surveys, please include a Profile Plus, Result Guides or Insights Report purchase (whichever seems to fit your needs the most) for a second, more detailed results report.

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