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The NCD Result Guides are a collection of more detailed reports to help church leaders go deeper in understanding the dynamics at work in the life of their church. Once a church has completed a basic NCD Church Survey these additional reports can be generated.

-The Summary Guide positions the church’s results on the 3-color compass to indicate balance in the eight qualities.

-The Story Guide looks at 24 themes in the church and compares the strength of these characteristics within the overall average of the church.

-The Status Guide is the same as the Profile Plus report and provides a question by question breakdown in comparison to the national norm.

-The Strategy Guide is designed to help church leaders dream about the possibilities in their church as they work to improve the church’s health.

Advanced results do not need shipping (we send the results by email). To avoid payment of shipping cost, please enter the coupon code “electronic” in the cart section after you add your product to the cart. 

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