2-day NCD Training

Next training session is in Orlando, Florida, Hampton Inn Orlando Int’l AirportMarch 6-7, 2024. Zoom participation possible!

A new 2-days NCD training for NCD coaches and those who are interested in a deeper understanding of what the NCD process offers.
Focuses on a deeper understanding of the main features of the trinitarian NCD paradigm, on the implementation of the NCD process, the role of NCD coaching, and the use of NCD tools/resources.


1st Two Training Sessions
Intro to NCD
All By Itself principle: Theological basis and theoretical framework for NCD in order to accomplish God’s plan for the congregation and people
Trinitarian Compass: Introducing the 3 Color paradigm and its role in increasing the quality of church life as well as improving health
8 Health Qualities of Church
6 Empowering Life Principles
NCD applied for personal growth

2nd Two Training Sessions
Examples of Churches using NCD
Working with Minimum Factor
Using NCD Tools
Implementing NCD process
NCD Research Insights into best NCD practices
Intro to NCD coaching

Training Team

Dr. Petr Cincala
Founder & Executive Director of NCDAmerica and Life Renewal
Director of Institute of Church Ministry
Director of Doctor of Intercultural Studies at Andrews University
* Executive editor of the Journal of Applied Christian Leadership

Dr. Greg Nelson
Recognized expert on a team and leadership culture transformation with an earned doctorate in personal and organizational effectiveness
Keynote Speaker and author of a book, The Strategic Stop: Taking Back Your Life in a World Obsessed with Busyness
Certified Strengths Coach
NCDAmerica’s Coach Trainer and Consultant

* Guest speaker Jon Maurer, NCD coach, pastor 

Further Information

Date: March 6, 9AM to 5PM and March 7, starting 8:30AM to 3PM.

Meeting Place: Hampton Inn Orlando Int’l Airport, 5767 T.G. Lee Blvd, Orlando, FL. 32822, book either through the link below or call +1 407-888-2995 and book under NCD America Group. 

Booking with NCDAmerica March 05-07 (for two nights) for $179 per night 

Conference cost:  $475 per participant, which includes: 

* 2-days training sessions
* Free NCD Books
* 10+ free eTests for Coaches

2-day NCD training is required to join the NCD Coaching Community in order to:
have access to an ongoing NCD education/training
have phone/online support from NCD America
have access to wholesale prices for all NCD products

If any question, please contact us at info@ncdamerica.org

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