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NCD Insights is a new tool that is now available for churches that have done the NCD survey (NCD Church Profile). This tool will provide further analysis into your church’s scores on the survey. Each NCD Insights report will break down each of the eight characteristics into four sub-categories that will help you identify existing and potential barriers to healthy growth.

Included with each report is a ‘Current Highest 5 Scores’ and ‘Current Lowest 5 Scores’ to help you identify trends in your church — regardless of your overall minimum and maximum factors. Use these pages to help you leverage your strengths as you work on your minimum factor.

If your church has done two or more surveys, additional pages are included in the report to help you compare the results of each survey and track developing trends in your church.

These comparative graphs highlight:

1.The immediate impact of actions taken to remove specific barriers

2.Long-term barriers not clearly evident in a single profile

3.Potential or emerging barriers

Advanced results do not need shipping (we send the results by email). To avoid payment of shipping cost, please enter the coupon code “electronic” in the cart section after you add your product to the cart. 

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