Segment 1 – The Passenger DVD Video Series


Segment 1 of The Journey - ​Focuses on the 4 styles of attachment and how this impacts our behaviors, feelings and thoughts today.


The Passenger is the first step in your Journey of self-discovery . The Passenger Video Series and accompanying workbook (purchase here) focus on our early beginnings, the resulting attachment styles and how they impact our behaviors, feelings and thoughts today. Attaching to our parents as early as in the womb is the beginning of feeling that we belong. A feeling of belonging is fundamental to human existence and required in order to be whole, healthy and complete. When during our formative years we fail to attach in safe and secure ways to our caregivers, the brain sets up methods of survival in order to feel safe which are unhealthy. The Passenger Video Series explores the healthy and unhealthy ways in which we choose very early to relate to others and still act upon in our present day lives. The Passenger explores the wealth of clinical data found by renowned scientist such as Dr. John Bowlby, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Tim Clinton and Gary Sibcy on the subject of parent child bonding and attachment. Most importantly, however, The Passenger teaches that by understanding your early beginning you can be free of these unhealthy survival techniques and begin your road to happiness, success and better relationships today.
The Passenger Video Series is presented in ten 30-minute lessons on 5 DVD’s which deepen the understanding of the material in the accompanying Passenger Workbook (purchase here). Each 30-minute video is the precursor to the lessons. The Passenger can be completed in small groups, individually or between couples. However, Fixable Life believes that the greatest benefits in growth and change come during gender-specific small group (4 to 8 persons) experiences. We encourage you to take the step of joining a small group or starting one of your own.


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