Journey to Nai



Nai is a place of truth – reality.

Only when you have been there, will you find the accurate roadmap needed
to guide you through the detours and potholes of life.

Journey to Nai is a 13 session, 20 hour program designed to assist teens to develop stable and wholesome character. (Requires additional purchase or rental of The Wizard of Oz movie) Students identify their true thoughts and feelings, uncover the origin of them, share with a small group of peers and apply the tools to recover from behaviors that are self-destructive and hazardous to others.

With the assistance of the classic film, “The Wizard of OZ”, this program helps students to identify the results of physical and emotional damage as portrayed by the characters in the film. They are able to acknowledge their own feelings of worthlessness, fear, anger and sadness, and uncover the causative factors of them using the workbook exercises. In class, students view portions of the film, relate the film and workbook information to themselves, complete the workbook exercises, and share truth about themselves. Between classes they do the regular homework assignments to be shared in the next class.

The Journey is a process of using tools for recovery to move from living in a land of “cover-up” to a place of reality and truth. (Nai is a Greek word for truth)

Topics Covered Include:

* Rejection
* The Workings of the Mind
* The Four Major Damages
* Twelve Basic Needs
* Perceptions
* Guilt and Shame
* Fears
* Anger
* Depression and Suicide
* Steps to Maturity
* Fixing from the Inside
* Connecting (Sexuality)
* Internal Struggles
* Footsteps on the Yellow Brick Road


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