Free At Last



People everywhere have questions about why life has dealt them a devastating blow, or why their thoughts and feelings lead them to behaviors which sabotage their joy and distance them from the very relationships they long for. In this book, Ron and Nancy Rockey, who teach from personal experience and their advanced education, use the stories of themselves and others to teach the answers that most have been searching for: Sam, a convicted killer, Ron, an ex-con who lived as a loner from his infancy, Rick, an alcoholic, Mike who thought that his beginnings were perfect, and several others, illustrate through their stories, how we develop thinking patterns and behaviors that hurt us and others. So just what is it about our beginnings and about even generations before us, that sets us on a path to illness, poor relationships, criminal behavior and perhaps even early death? You’ll find the answers in this book. AND… you’ll discover HOPE –


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