Binding the Wounds DVD Set



This video series contains 22 30-minute lessons to be used with the accompanying Binding The Wounds Workbook (incl 2 workbooks, extras sold separately). This series teaches a process whereby one can recover from the wounds received in childhood which plague our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and sabotaged our relationships and success. When participants fully invest themselves in the process, positive results are life changing. Binding the Wounds can be completed individually or between couples, however, Life Renewal believes that the greatest benefits in growth and change come during gender-specific small group (4 to 8 persons) experiences. We encourage you to take the step of joining a small group or starting one of your own.  Participants view a session and then do the corresponding work in their workbook and share in their small group.

Binding the Wounds recovery program is the precursor to The JOURNEY. The Journey contains the latest in science based psychological information and is designed for participants of all spiritual walks as well as those who hold no particular beliefs about religion or God. The Binding the Wounds Video Series has a Christian point of view and includes quotes and exercises which include the Bible as their basis.

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