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The 5-Step NCD Process


Prepare – What can we expect?

Diagnose – Where are we?

Plan – Where do we want to go?

Implement – What do we need to get there?

Evaluate – How did we do?

Years of Research

Churches Surveyed



Our research team discovered God’s design for development in nature to be 6 growth forces.





Growth Forces




Energy Transformation




There are 8 characteristics that bring these 6 growth forces to life in a church!




Quality Characteristics

Empowering Leadership

Gift-oriented Ministry


Passionate Spirituality

Functional Structures

Inspiring Worship Service

Holistic Small Groups

Need Oriented Evangelism

Loving Relationships

Our Church Survey, which is based on 25 years of research, reveals your church’s strongest & weakest characteristics! Like the growth forces ALL 8 characteristics must be healthy for a church to thrive.

The NCD Process guides churches through strengthening ALL 8 characteristic to experience holistic growth.

To access the eStore for pricing and for products, go to our NCD America Store.

The Basic NCD profile is available for purchase here: http://ncdamerica.andrews.edu/product/ncd-church-profile.
(If you are interested in electronic version [church members filling out the survey via Smartphones, iPads, etc.], please read the description of the product, showing how to order electronic version of the survey.)

If you have done profiles previously, we provide access to the previous profiles and do comparison reports!

Along the Basic NCD Church Profile we recommend to get at least one of the more advanced profiles for you to have a better grasp of what exactly can be improved and how can you go about implementing the NCD process. We will also be able to create a comparison with your previous results or send them to your account if you choose the electronic version.

You can purchase the following reports here: Profile Plus: http://ncdamerica.andrews.edu/product/profile-plus/ or Result Guides (the most comprehensive, includes Profile Plus): http://ncdamerica.andrews.edu/product/result-guides/

Information that may help you – how to select the 30 people:

• Each individual participant must regularly attend the worship service, AND
• Must have some form of regular task in the church (no matter what it is), AND
• Must be part of some form of small group in the church (any subgroup of the worshipping community)
• In addition to fulfilling the above three criteria, the collective survey group should be representative of the church as a whole (i.e. it should include non-leaders as well as leaders, a proportionate number of people from different age groups and genders, etc.)

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