NCD America’s mission is to support the development of healthy congregations. Consequently, NCD America is also about training, developing, and supporting NCD coaches to provide the best level of guidance to congregations interested in assessing their health via the NCD assessment.

There are three stages of training available through NCD America: One, the initial two-day training about the unique NCD process with conversations about not only the NCD model but also about what it means to be an NCD coach; Two, a specialized training process for NCD coaches that offers the best practices of effective coaching in NCD congregations; and Three, a support system for current and active NCD coaches within a Master Mind group.

You can read about the details of each of these three stages by clicking the appropriate buttons below.

We encourage people interested in becoming NCD coaches to see these three stages as progressive, each stage building on the previous one. For most people, each stage will be a prerequisite in order to enter the next stage. Whether you’re a first-time coach or a seasoned coach, you will experience great benefit from these three trainings and support systems. It’s a part of NCD America’s intention to offer the highest level of support and guidance as possible to NCD congregations all over the country.

Not only will these three services amplify and maximize your professional work, they are shaped and designed to also give you an opportunity for deep and satisfying personal growth and development. It’s our promise to you.

NCD America looks forward to meeting you, to support you in every way we can, and through you to enhancing a Kingdom-building transformation in the congregations in North America. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you for your passion for God’s Kingdom and for all that you do to serve Him and His people.

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