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Starting on Monday September 12 at noon, ending on Tuesday September 13 at 5pm

The Trinitarian Compass – its theological foundations and relevance for practical application

1. The Trinitarian Compass and the theology behind it

2. God as a person and more than a person

3. Understanding radical balance

4. The Trinitarian Compass as a key to ongoing spiritual growth

5. The Trinitarian Compass as a tool for conflict management

6. Implementing the Trinitarian Compass in local churches and whole denominations


Starting on Wednesday September 14 at 9AM, ending on Thursday September 15 at noon

On the way to Christianity 3.0 – Addressing missiological challenges

1. Understanding the global participation shift

2. Opening a new chapter in NCD

3. From external incentives to intrinsic motivation

4. Creating a culture of ongoing spiritual growth

5. Redefining leadership: Creating a culture of empowerment

6. Redefining evangelism: How to communicate the gospel in a world that has come of age

7. Q&A

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