Master NCD Coach

This level of certification will be offered in 2019.
We are presenting the requirements so coaches interested in this level can take opportunity to work towards that certification ahead of time.


Requirements to obtain this certificate
  • 4 webinars on NCD, coaching, and training
  • 5 case studies (3-5 pages each; written feedback)
  • Debriefing of 2 recorded coaching sessions (1 hr each; written feedback)
  • Online Coach Assessment by Gary Reinecke, followed by growth and development plan with coaching by Christoph Schalk (1 session)
  • Continue with the Empowerment Test and the Life Test, and presenting a case study related to getting a group of people to repeat the Empowerment Test, or to coaching leaders as they take other leaders through the Empowerment Test.
  • Personal debriefing of own Empowerment Test results with Christian A. Schwarz
  • Personal debriefing of own Life Test results with Christoph Schalk
  • Coaching log: At least additional 5 different clients over at least 5 hours coaching / consulting / training each
  • Proof of having been a co-trainer or trainer in 2 training events
Requirements to keep the certificate valid
  • Participation in 4 of 6 Master Mind group meetings
  • Participation in 2 of 4 refresher webinars
  • Golden Annual Fee ($275)
content is subject to change
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