MasterMind Group Coaching

A success expert once said, You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This is why being a part of a MasterMind group is so significant. You are meeting regularly with other people who are wanting to maximize their work and lives just like you. You are able to share your goals, your dreams, your successes, as well as your challenges in a caring, supportive, and mutually accountable environment. Everyone gives and receives. You become each other’s biggest cheerleaders.


If you’re a current NCD-certified coach actively coaching one or more congregations, you are invited to join a MasterMind formed exclusively for NCD coaches.

The Goals are:

* learn from other coaches just like you working with congregations what’s working, what isn’t working, lessons learned;

* Receive support and guidance in the specific goals and challenges you’re facing;

* Deepen your understanding and practice of the essential NCD principles so your coaching will be even more effective;

* Buddy up with another member for two 60 min. 1:1 sessions to enhance peer support and accountability;

* Receive one 60 min. session with Dr. Greg Nelson to strategize your experience and your strongest coaching style;

* Participate in 3 monthly 90 min. MasterMind sessions with 6-8 like-minded coaching colleagues facilitated by Dr. Nelson;

* Stay in touch via a private Facebook Page to give updates, ask questions, share resources, and encourage each other.

This MasterMind group will be launching the week of April 2. Specific time to be determined after people sign up. All sessions will be virtual so you can participate from anywhere.

Dr. Greg Nelson has been in the people-developing ministry his whole career, first as a pastor and now as a full-time speaker, trainer, and coach for leaders and teams. ( He is also an NCD certified trainer and coach working alongside NCD America. So he has a keen awareness of the joys, rewards, and challenges this kind of work entails. He has always been a part of a mutual support system and continues to be convicted about the necessity of having this kind of community surrounding you.

The cost is $675 per person. Engaging in this process will also fulfill one of the requirements of NCD International Coaching Certification.

Participation is limited to 8 NCD coaches. So sign up soon.

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