Happy New Year!

On this, the first day of 2020, many of us are busy making resolutions and trying to figure out how we can make the most of the next 365 days. Maybe you are trying to lose some extra weight or go to the gym more often. Possibly your resolution involves eating right or drinking more water. Perhaps you are going to spend more time with your family. Do any of your resolutions involve spiritual gifts?

Across the last few months, our blogs have covered all different aspects of spiritual gifts:

You may question why we have spent so much time on the topic of spiritual gifts, and why much of the NCD process focuses on this topic. Christian A. Schwarz writes in the Frequently Asked Questions section of The 3 Colors of Ministry:

The discovery of one’s spiritual gifts is certainly not the most important element in the Christian life . . . However, in recent years I’ve noticed a tremendous need to make up lost ground in this area. Consequently, it is possible that the theme of “gift discovery” could become the primary focus of a church for a given time, before the focus is changed to other areas of ministry . . . It has been my experience that countless Christians regard the discovery of their gifts as a key event in their spiritual journey. (p. 138-139, emphasis added)

Understanding our spiritual gifts has the power to transform our lives and, as such, transform our church and ministry. 

As we go into this New Year, I would like to challenge you to make 2020 the year of spiritual gifts. Perhaps you know your spiritual gifts but haven’t been using them; make a change and find a way to use what God has given you. Maybe you have already been using your gifts; find a way to continue your training and push towards growth. Or maybe you’re starting at the very beginning and need to determine what gifts you have. Whatever the case may be, let’s make 2020 “The Year of Spiritual Gifts.”

Are you with me?

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