The apostle Peter was an effective, passionate preacher, a dedicated missionary, and biblical author. As such he demonstrated many red gifts. But what exactly does that mean? Red gifts are related to the proclamation of the gospel and helping people grow in their knowledge of Christ. As such, most of the gifts in this category enable us to fill leadership roles in the church. 

Red gifts include:

Apostle: The gift of apostle enables Christians to be recognized as spiritual leaders by a variety of churches. An apostle’s responsibility typically extends beyond his/her local church; their authority is independent of any specific office they hold.

Counseling: The gift of counseling is different from the gift of shepherding, in that the ministry of counseling doesn’t require a long-term relationship with the people receiving the ministry. Counseling enables Christians to serve others through comfort, admonition, and encouragement so that they can experience help and healing. 

Evangelism: Christians with the gift of evangelism communicate the gospel to non-Christians in a manner that is conducive to leading them to faith.

Helps: The gift of helps, like the gift of mercy, focuses on individual people. It enables Christians to place their own gifts at the disposal of other Christians, which lightens their loads.

Leadership: The trademark of a true leader is that he or she does not have to assert his or her own leadership authority. This gift enables Christians to set goals for the church and communicate them in such a way that others are motivated to achieve them.

Missionary: Christians with the gift of missionary enjoy leaving their own culture in order to establish a new home and ministry in a foreign culture, allowing them to use their other gifts in another culture.

Service: The gift of service focuses on assisting a group or organization. People with this gift are typically good at recognizing jobs that need to be done and are willing to do the job themselves. It should be noted that every group benefits from Christians who possess and utilize this gift.

Shepherding: The gift of shepherding enables Christians to assume long-term, personal responsibility for the wellbeing of a group of believers.

Singleness: The gift of singleness enables Christians to live happily as singles–many times, more happily than they would be if they were married. Also, their singleness actually enables them to use their other gifts more effectively.

Teaching: Those who have the gift of teaching are able to communicate truth in a manner than enables others to learn, which contributes to the overall health of a the church. These people are focused on the questions and concerns of their audience, and share information in an interesting, stimulating way.

As you can see, red gifts focus on sharing the gospel, leadership gifts, and assisting other Christians. When you considering your own areas of giftedness, do you believe you have any of the red gifts? If so, which one(s)? We’d love it if you’d share below in the “Comments” section.

(To learn more about red gifts, you can read more on pages 113-123 The 3 Colors of Ministry.)

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