An artist painting a picture to be hung in the church sanctuary.
A man giving half of his paycheck as an offering.
The worship team leading the church in praise and worship.
A family opening their home every week for their small group to meet.

What do all these people have in common? They all have been given green spiritual gifts. Green gifts relate primarily to God’s revelation through creation. As such, many of these gifts can be found outside the Christian context. However, the moment that these gifts are used to serve the kingdom of God and benefit the body of Christ, they become “spiritual gifts.”

Let’s take a closer look at these green gifts.

Artistic creativity: This gift can appear in many forms, such as dance, sculpture, pottery, music, composition, writing, etc. While similar to the gift of craftsmanship, this gift focuses more on the creative element. Artistic creativity enables Christians to use artistic expression for the edification of others.

Craftsmanship: The gift of craftsmanship enables Christians to use a trade or craft for the good of the body of Christ. This gift many be demonstrated in a variety of ways, such as gardening, building, car repair, sewing, etc. 

Giving: While the Bible calls us to give a tithe, there are individuals who give a significant amount beyond tithe towards the kingdom of God. The gift of giving is demonstrated when Christians give up material things cheerfully and give generously to others.

Hospitality: People with the gift of hospitality are usually happier when they have guests than when they don’t. Those who possess this gift maintain an open home, offer food and lodging to guests, and are able to make people feel instantly “at home.” Many people who have the gift of hospitality also create this “homey” atmosphere outside their homes.

Knowledge: The gift of knowledge allows Christians to generate, collect, and analyze ideas that are important for the health of the church. Interestingly, many (66%) people who have the gift of knowledge also have the gift of teaching.

Mercy: Those who have the gift of mercy meet the needs of others through loving action. This gift enables Christians to demonstrate empathy through practical deeds.

Music: The gift of music does not include composing music or writing lyrics, as those gifts fall under artistic creativity. Instead, those with the gift of music play musical instruments and/or use their voices in song for the glory of God and the edification of others. 

Organization: Those who have the gift of organization understand goals for specific areas of ministry and are able to draft effective plans for reaching those goals. People with this gift generally do not guide the ministry into the completion of those goals (that task falls under the gift of leadership).

Voluntary poverty: People with the gift of voluntary poverty intentionally deny themselves material wellbeing so that they can maintain a standard of living that parallels the poor. Many who have this gift also have the gift of giving.

Wisdom: The gift of wisdom enables Christians to help others apply existing knowledge to specific situations. This gift should not be confused with the gift of knowledge, as wisdom deals more with the application of knowledge.

When you consider your own spiritual gifts, do you have any that are green? In what ways have you utilized those gifts or seen them manifest themselves? Please share in the comments below.

(To learn more about green gifts, check out pages 102-112 in The 3 Colors of Ministry.)

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