After our last blog, you hopefully have a better idea of what spiritual gifts you possess. However, knowing your area(s) of giftedness is only the first step; this knowledge is not an end in and of itself. Instead, this understanding reveals the tasks to which you have been called and the ways in which God expects you to be involved. And, as always, your gifts should be used to the betterment of the church and to the glory of God.

Churches are divided into three different categories (color segments). The table below shows different tendencies churches have in regards to spiritual gifts. Since God wants His church to reflect His fullness, He endows the church with gifts in all three areas. However, not all churches utilize all three colors.

If your church is primarily green, is this divinely ordained? If your church body is strongly blue, is this because “birds of a feather flock together?” It might be a bit of both. Christian A. Schwarz writes in The 3 Colors of Ministry, “It is quite natural for those gifts that are taught, expected, and encouraged in a given church to be discovered more readily than those gifts that are not part of the church’s culture” (p. 53). This means that churches may foster specific gifts, while at the same time bringing in new faces that align with those same gifts.

Just as our understanding of God is skewed when we do not perceive Him in all three colors, our churches are meant to blend the three colors in their reflection of Him to receive blessing of a full revelation of God. “It’s not God’s plan that individual believers reflect His fullness all by themselves” (The 3 Colors of Ministry, p. 88). The church needs to work together to reflect God’s fullness–the optimal goal is to be balanced in the three colors.

Do you know the color blend of your church? This doesn’t mean you know the “ideal” or that you see your church’s “potential.” Instead, it means you have an accurate picture of the colors your church truly reflects. One way to determine where your church–as a whole–stands is to have the entire church participate in the Gift eTest and collect the results for the whole church. This will give you a good picture of the church’s predominant color/areas of strength.

Other helpful resources include a corporate analysis of the Change Compass (found on pages 34-37 of The 3 Colors of Ministry) and the NCD Color Profile (found on pages 72-76 of Color Your World with Natural Church Development). Yet another way of finding what colors your church reflects as a whole reflects is simply complete the Basic NCD Church Profile; once that is completed, you can gain information from not only Basic NCD Profile, but also the Results Guide (one of the Advanced Profile options) where you also find other forms of analysis including your church’s core values, its devotional style, worship style, and so on.

As you think about the gifts in each of the three categories, which colors do you feel are most strongly in your church? We’d love it if you’d share your thoughts in the comments below.

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