Imagine that you receive an invitation to an elaborate dinner party. Dressed in your best clothes, you arrive and see a table laden with delicious-looking food; excitedly, you notice some of your favorites are present. You fill your plate and put the first bite in your mouth and taste…nothing. You taste bite after bite, dish after dish, but find that you have completely lost your sense of taste. 

Or pretend that you have bought tickets to hear your favorite symphony play. You are positively giddy as you get in line at the theater, show your ticket, and find your seat. You see the conductor take his place, raise his baton, and as you see the orchestra strike the first chord you hear…nothing. 

Can you imagine your disappointment if you lost one of your senses unexpectedly? Without one (or more) of your senses, you could not experience the world around you to it’s fullest potential. You would definitely feel like you are missing out on something–and the truth is, you would be!

The Triune God

The same is true when it comes to our spirituality and relationship with God. If we do not understand all parts of Him, then we are missing out. And, while in our sinful, human state, we will never be able to fully understand the splendor of our God, we must do our best to never stop seeking to know Him better, deeper.

If we look into the Bible, we see the God reveals Himself to His people in three different ways: as Creator God, through the person of Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit. “Each of these revelations corresponds to a specific way in which we can experience God” (The 3 Colors of Ministry, p. 11).

The diagram below demonstrates how each part of the Godhead is distinct, but still one entity. Just as white light shines through a prism, refracting into different colors, so God (one Being) reveals different parts of Himself: God the Creator/Creation is depicted by green, Jesus and His sacrifice on Calvary is depicted by red, and the Holy Spirit/Pentecost is shown in blue.  We refer to this as the “Triune God.”

Unfortunately, when it comes to many churches today, there is a lack of integration between the three areas. It is possible for churches to be very focused on one color area while neglecting the others, ultimately leading to a lopsided view of God. An understanding of the Triune God is central to the health of a church–or person, for matter. Only when we understand all three parts of the Godhead can we experience Him to the fullest.

While many churches have an unbalanced (one-colored) view of God, they have the ability to integrate the other colors. Creation, Jesus’ death on Calvary, and Pentecost are indispensible parts of a healthy, balanced, and, most of all, biblical faith. Without a thorough understanding and integration of each aspect you are, in a way, experiencing God without one of your “senses.” Just as it is a pity to miss out on tasting a delicious meal or hearing a beautiful symphony, it is even more so to miss out on understanding our Heavenly Father.

Want to learn more about how to become more balanced in your view of God, and thereby your ministry? Be sure to read our next blog to learn more!

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